Suctioncup Container

This model is for a box with suction cups, designed to work on the ISS. This works well, but only on earth-more or less-amount of pressure. The ISS is extremely close to the pressure of earth, so the suction cups can be used to hang it upside-down, right-side-up, or hanging sideways from a wall. This has an airtight lid, just as long and wide, which is easily removable, but much shorter, being 0.005 in. high. This lid would allow for items not to fly around in "zero-gravity," per say, and could be removed once gravity once again becomes intact. The top would be made of rubber, the suction cups would be made of plastic, and the sides could be made out of either, or an entirely different substance. The Lid must be made out of a polymer, or something very stretchy, like rubber, to stretch over the sides and hook onto the curved sides of the container.The suction cups would be attached to the small tubes from the bottom of the container, which don't actually protrude inside, sticking them.

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