Super Planter

This is my container. My container is used to hold plants. on the sides there are warm lights for sunlight. This is how it works, There is a separation and below the separation is a sponge. The sponge is glued to the bottom of the container. On top of the sponge is some soil on top of the soil is the seed on top of the seed is some more soil. When the sponge gets squeezed water comes and feeds the roots. The way to get water inside of the sponge is this there's holes on the sides were the sponge is, All you have to do is get a syringe filled with water and put it in the hole wait until it connects to the sponge then you push the syringe and there you go! On the separation is three holes that's for all three stems. the top of the container can open and it also has holes for air. the way it will help astronauts is by helping them experiment plants! This will help astronauts with grow plant!

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