Shuttle Supreme

The shuttle supreme is a unique container unlike any other. The shuttle supreme has an opening where you can access the supplies you need. The main purpose of the container is to hold medical supplies such as bandages, casts, or any other supplies that can help aid you.It is indestructible. Also you can store oxygen in it or other things capable from protecting you from the harmful heat and lack of air in space. It is unique because it is a container that protects astronauts getting injured and they can complete more missions and advance the human race. To access the things in the container you pull the lid on top by removing the velcro from the prism and take the item out. The shuttle supreme is attached to a pad by Velcro. The pad is actually an empty table on the ship where you can stick the Velcro on. So the container won't float away on zero g. Who wouldn't want this container. Its innovative, creative, and you can complete more missions in space. What an amazing offer.

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