Abstract Container

This container is very different from other containers. The container also has a very different type of design compared to other containers. One thing is that the lid is at the bottom, not the top, and the lid is also not a circle. Also the top of the container looks like it has a bigger mass, which would lead to being able to fit more supplies in the container. Also the cone in the container will act as a divider to divide different supplies so the astronauts will be organized while they’re on their journey. Also the cylindrical container is easy to carry around, and won't take up that much space. The shape of the container also won't harm your supplies if it floats in space. The bigger the mass of the container, the more weight it contains, which will make the container, be closer to the ground. This would make the container to have a better chance to be closer to the ground in space than floating in the air.

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Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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