Tool Storage

My project is a regular hexagonal prism that is designed to be a tool storage container. One all but one of the lateral faces, there is a covering. On one lateral face, the a large rectangle is cut out of face, taking up the majority of it. There is supposed to be a crank attached to the side to cycle the storage container, but it is a simple handle as of now. It may require some modification. There is supposed to be a storage container under each of the coverings, but it is left open because I could not create a plane at the proper angle to close the gap. The design may be incomplete as the open face could have a lid on top of it so that the tools don’t fly out. The way to use my container is to store tools in the slots and to access a different tool use the crank to cycle through the different slots. In theory, the design may be modified to include less or more than six sides.

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