This container is called the Trash Compactor Box, also known as the TC Box. The red portion is the container for the leftover waste from broken materials, food and a lot more. The green portion is a strong box that crushes the trash as a person pushes the box down toward the red container. The trash will be crushed really small so the trash will not take up a lot of space. After the person is finished with crushing the trash, there are two orange flaps to tighten the green box with the red container. It tightens the both parts really tight so the TC BOX is airtight. This stops any rotten or odorous smells from escaping the container which will keep the air clean. This also stops little pieces of trash from escaping which will keep the whole spaceship clean. The edges and surfaces of the the red container will also be made of soft material so it will not hurt anyone when it is allowed to fly around in the spaceship.

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