Spacegoo 323

The name of this design is Spacegoo 323. This design is made of chrome, a type of steel that is malleable. This design has two cylinders connected to each other. One cylinder is suppose to be the handle and one cylinder is hollowed out to be the container. This container is suppose to hold water. To prevent the liquid from spilling, a cork is fitted inside the hole. I found that if I didn't have a lid, the water would spill out because in space, there is no gravity. I came up with this design when I saw a champagne bottle. When I saw a cork contain the liquid, I noticed how the cork contained gas. Using the the cork's concept of containing gas, I decided to use that to my design. Another thing that contributed to my design is the coffee cup design. This cup will have a handle covered with plastic. Plastic is an insulator. Just in case the astronauts put something hot inside, they can move the container by holding the plastic handle.

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