The Hexa-tanier

For my space container, I chose to make a hexagon shaped container, which was pretty long, so that the astronaut could use it for food since it can hold a good amount of small items. My container was 9.328 cm tall and each side of the hexagon is 2.799 cm wide. It isn’t the widest container, but since it is long, it is like having a wide container because they both hold a lot of space. An astronaut can also use it for asteroid pieces or rock. But since this design isn’t the biggest I would say that it would be the best for bugs or little insect creature they may come across, since the container is so tiny and comes with a lid. My container may look simple, but if you think about all the items it can be used for, I would say that is pretty spacious and a reliable container for astronauts to use.

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