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I constructed my model with one purpose in mind: to create a substantial place for plants to live in when they go off to space. I started out by, first deciding to add a clear lid for the top of my container so some sort of artificial light or any type of light could shine through to keep the plants alive. Secondly, I added a cylinder shaped container in my model to hold carbon dioxide because plants need it to survive and maintain healthy. Also, the mini box shaped holder inside my container is used to put water for the plants in. This way, when it is time to give the plants water, you simply pull up the tab to release it. In the front part of my container is an empty section for the soil and plants to be placed into. Although this design doesn’t have a vent, you could easily slide the top over and this will give out more oxygen in the space ship. This extra oxygen may be exactly what is needed in an emergency if oxygen were to be somehow lost in the course of the expedition.

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