Cold water In Space

This bottle helps the astronaut to keep their water in cold temperature. I heard that the astronaut drinks the water which is in the pack and I thought the water might be warm if it’s in the pack so I made ‘Water Pack Storage Bottle’ to hope astronaut can drink cold water! This storage’s material is stainless steel which helps to keep the water pack in cold temperature. I divide the inside with stainless line which is connected to the cap! If you want to use this bottle, put it in the freezer for at least 2 hours before you use it. There are many ways can use this storage bottle! You can use this bottle by whatever you want, also you can just put the water pack at one side and put the ice one side to make the water cooler or you can put drinks at both sides. If you want to open this bottle, hold the half cylinder which is on the top of the bottle and pull it.

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