Magnetic Rubber Cup

This design may look like any ordinary cup, but it is specially constructed to be convenient in space. The cup is made out of rubber and can be easily moved around, yet can be tightly clasped onto the wall with magnets. A handle is added for better grip in space and a straw with a removable cap is clasped tightly on in order to prevent leakages. The cap of the cup is removable so that new fresh water can replace old water or any type of beverage. Once opened, the button on the handle allows the water to flow freely through the straw, thus ensuring water won’t come out. Two magnetic bars are on the side of the cup so it won’t float around in space and will stay at rest. Since it is rubber, you can squeeze the bottle so you can control the speed that the water travels through the straw. The whole design of this cup will guarantee the utmost convenience.

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