Space vs Earth Rocks

My NASA space container is based off the idea of rocks being collected in space. When astronauts are sent up into space, only a few are selected to go, meaning that not everyone is capable of seeing the moon, up close and personal, like the few that are selected to go up into space do. However, with my space container, that can change. With three different compartments, it’s easy to keep organized what things come from what planet. Additionally, the astronauts are able to compare the rocks from the moon, and other planet traveled to, to the rocks found on earth, due to the fact that there are three different compartments separated by walls. This way, observations can be made before returning back home, just in case they don’t make it back in perfect condition, and the rocks are somehow ruined. In conclusion, this space container helps the astronauts, and scientists make new observations as quickly as possible.

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