MiniBio Container

Astronauts might find other organisms on other planets or bring microbiology into space or to study the effects of space on the micro-organisms. The MiniBio Container, would safely contain those organisms. The outer shell is split in halves that can be twisted together, is slightly transparent, and a darker color to protect the organisms from harmful rays. On each rounded end are two embedded chrome rings, to give the structure stability to better protect the organisms inside. Inside the structure is a glass tube, comprised of round, hollow, compartments. Each compartment can be removed from the others, and has a lid, to be able to put and remove specific organisms. The tube is slightly tinted, to be able to fully observe the organisms contained. The overall device is rounded, to protect the structure in case of a crash. Astronauts would greatly benefit from the ability to study, carry, and contain microbiology in space, and they could achieve this goal through the MiniBio Container.

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