The Rock Repository

This container is a “must have.” With its three sections, there is room to hold rocks from space exploration. It is important to track extraterrestrial findings so that discoveries can be made to advance knowledge of space. Its clear glass material makes it easy to examine the samples. The container’s cap seals the samples in, so they don’t fly away in zero-gravity. Imagine if the astronauts were able to find, seal, and investigate the rocks they find in as fast as five minutes! The efficient cap is able to pop on and off in seconds with its adjusted size. Previous containers may have been made of other space-friendly materials, but because the walls are clear, the researchers can examine the objects without taking them out. This eliminates the risk that rocks will fly loose, get lost, or break after being taken out of the container. With this time, study, and zero-gravity friendly container, extraterrestrial discoveries can take place in seconds.

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