Sort-A-Thing is a black rectangular container made out of PVC with 8 equal rectangular sections to store different things. The container is 10 cm by 10 cm by 5 cm with a lid that's dimensions are 10cm by 10cm by 1.5cm. Each individual section can be used to store things like space rocks/ findings, food, personal belongings, extra parts, tools, or anything else the astronauts need to store. It is small enough that it will not take up too much space, but is large enough to hold things that are too small for a larger box. Sort-A-Thing makes sure everything is perfectly sorted and stored, allowing multiple objects of different uses to go in the same place. The lid tightly seals around the box, so the astronauts do not have to worry about stuff coming out of the box. With this box, astronauts can effortlessly yet efficiently sort the objects in the smallest amount of space possible. With this box, astronauts will never have to worry about misplacing an object ever again!

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