Space Insect Carrier

The carrier in which the insects are kept has one tube to transport food and water. Conveyor belts are placed on the top and bottom of the tube. There are two doors inside the tube so food and water can go inside the carrier without releasing the insects. One door opens then closes then the second door opens into the carrier, there are buttons on the side to control the doors and the belt. There is an oxygen tank with two tubes that connect to the carrier. One tube blows oxygen in small amounts into the carrier. There is a small wall inside the carrier with holes tinier than the insects, the other tube from the oxygen tank is connected to this. Inside the oxygen tank there is a wall, and on one side, the tube that connects to the wall in the carrier sucks in carbon dioxide. Then the carbon dioxide goes through a chemical filtration process through the wall in the tank to become oxygen, so the air is reused. There is also a window on the side of the container to observe the insects.

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