Space Tool Container

This container is used to store almost anything you want. It you want to have a specific use for it, then the main use for it would be to store tools or spare parts. This container contains four shelves with three of the them having mini shelves inside. Each shelf has their own special use. The largest shelf of the container has the main use for storing large objects that could be from spare parts to tools. It has two mini shelfs inside which could used to store larger objects than the shelves on the bottom of the container. These shelves are helpful because they could easily have large objects be stored inside and have a secure place because of the sliding door. The two bottom shelves on the container, in my opinion, are the most helpful from the rest. The two bottom shelves that have mini shelves in it are very helpful because you can you small or medium sized objects inside so you can be organized and know where your stuff is.

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