Space Briefcase

I have designed a storage container in which we can keep anything except liquids and food. We can keep anything in it like clothes, tools and other items. It helps to keep our belongings safe and prevents it from going here and there. My container has many characteristics. Some of them are- Its door, that is, its opening is in the front, not on the top. Thus this feature helps to keep the materials in place because if its opening is on the top then as soon as we open the container, the things will begin to fly. THus my container has an entrance at the front. The handle on the top of the container helps us to handle it with more ease. The handle can also be used to keep the container in place in the space by tying a rope and the handle with the support of a wall or anything like it in the space shuttle. The shape of the door, that is, the main entrance makes it look more appealing.

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