I call this container the Insect Designated But Multi Purpose Container (IDBMPC). It was made mostly for storing and studying insects, but can also be used to store other objects. There are windows on each side of the IDBMPC with holes in it for continuous airflow throughout the container. Also, on the front, there is a small rectangular window without any holes that would be used for writing the name of the insect/object that is inside the container with a marker. On the front and sides there are small rectangular indents for easier grip. Then, on the back, there is two places where you can put velcro for easy storage. Next, on the cap of the container, there are also rectangular indents on each side for grip. Then on the top there are small holes for airflow, and a flap with a latch that would be used for putting food/liquid or small objects inside the container without the hassle of taking the whole cap off. The latch would have a small piece of velcro on it for easy closing.

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