Steamin' Soup 4 U

Want some steaming hot soup instead of some cold tasteless soup in space? Well the Steamin' soup 4 u will give you all the flavor and heat you need in space. The Steamin' Soup 4 U keeps your soup nice and warm. The container is basically an ordinary cup with extra protection and a one of a kind heater. The heater has an extraordinary charger. The charger obviously, charges the heater so it is good to go. The charger is removable so that you can drink with no trouble. There is a handle so the astronauts can hold on to it.There is even a cap on the straw so the soup doesn't come out and turn into a blob. The Steamin' Soup 4 U has a diamond like shape that protects the straw from coming out and flying away.The Steamin' Soup 4 U can be strapped, charged, and ready to go. Steamin' Soup 4 U is the container just 4 u!!! Come and get YOUR Steamin' Soup 4 U today!!!

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