Cool Cup just 4 U

The Cool Cup 4 U is a cup that makes your water cool and refreshing.The Cool Cup can be filled to the top. It has a pipe that helps astronauts drink their water. The pipe is on the bottom of the container.The pipe can be pushed in. . On the pipe is a diamond squeezer. The diamond squeezer makes sure that the water goes into your mouth properly. Right under the container is a blue ring. It holds the container down.To make the container stay down, the blue ring has a layer of Velcro that holds the cup .On the left of the container is a handle .The handle will help astronauts carry the container where ever they go.The container has a tight lid so the water doesn't leak out.The container is not made just for water. You could put any other liquids in the container. I made this creation so astronauts, like you, can drink water easier and faster. I hope you like my container!!!

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