I learned that astronauts could not do their laundry in space, not even their underwear! So I designed this ball. You can put a few underwear in it, then add a non-toxic laundry ball (you can buy those), then close it (the two parts can be screwed together). Through the hole on top, you can add some water with a straw: you only need about a pint (there would be a valve, but I didn't know how to make that). If you don't want to use a laundry ball, you can use no-rinse non-toxic detergent through the same hole instead. Then you can toss the ball around for 20 minutes: this will swish the water, which will clean the underwear, and also provide exercise for the astronauts (I also learned they need a lot of exercise). Then you can just suck the water out and it can be recycled. The underwear can be air dried. The ball can be stored by adding velcro to its base.

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