My container is a multi-purpose rectangular prism and has 4 cabinets to organize several items. The bottom panel has cylindrical pegs to hold the Velcro pad. The pegs slip inside the holes embedded in the pad therefor enabling the container to hold the pad and prevent the container from floating away and possibly injuring someone. The reason I used Velcro is because magnets won’t be strong enough, anything sticky like cello tape would just wear off, and glue wouldn’t work very well. The special part about this container is that a defibrillator and ventilator is included. A defibrillator is a machine that sends shocks through your heart to normalize your heart rhythm. The short form for a defibrillator is AED. A ventilator is a mechanical air-pump that injects air into lungs when needed which I think would be very helpful considering the fact that you’re living in space. The light-blue tubes that you see on the visual response are there to help circulate the air inside the container.

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