Paste-Dispenser Tube

Astronauts have a lot of different pastes in space - from toothpaste to maintenance materials like grease to some foods. This container stores, measures, and dispenses pastes and other squeezable materials, saving valuable space by integrating all of the features into a single unit. Each turn of the threaded plug dispenses exactly 15cc of material. The container has a press-fit nozzle that makes dispensing material easier and cleaner. The overall dimensions of the container with threaded plug and nozzle are a 48mm diameter x 95mm high. This 3D printed container is ideal for use with edibles and other materials that must be kept uncontaminated because, by nature, 3d printed parts are sterile. This is especially important in space because if something is contaminated there is not an endless supply to replace it. This container has been printed and all it functions correctly. Special care was taken when designing to make sure all of the tolerances are correct for printing.

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