BotanicalSurface 2.0

The Botanical Surface 2.0 is a creation that can revolutionize modern day plantation on the ISS. Using Radiometer technology, the container is built from mostly but white materials. Reflecting all light on the walls onto the plants. Also considering that the plants will be under a dark black surface, that will absorb all light. Leaving the plant with the most light it can have. The Botanical Surface 2.0 also has enclosed vessels that can carry water through out all the planetary surfaces. All at the same time being equally distributed through out the 5 slots in which a plant can grow and strive in. Simple just put a stream of water through a small hole, and your done. And don't even worry about gravity pulling the water up... Because The Botanical Surface 2.0 has small holes in the pipes where the water will disperse instantaneously, to the soil. And leave the water already absorbed into the plant.

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