Hinged Cover and Box

I created a container that will undoubtedly assist astronomers in space. Its cover is printed in seven pieces, to be assembled, and is hinged so full or partial access is allowed to the inside of the container. This discourages objects from floating away while others are being inserted. A permanent adhesive, or Velcro if a temporary bond is preferred, should be used to attach the cover onto the container itself. This container could be used as a vessel for spare parts, toiletries, or any assortment of small knick-knacks that would otherwise float around and cause potential choking hazards. However, I would not recommend that this be used to store foods, or small organisms, seeing as it is not airtight. I acknowledge that a box of this size may not be as useful as it could be at a larger size, but, because this design is in multiple pieces, they could be increased in scale, and printed separately, so a container with dimensions of up to 5x5x10 could be made.

Download model

Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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