The Nesting Triple Container (NTC) consists of three separate containers that can fit into each other for easy transport and usage. The two inner containers can each hold six different samples and have a screw on lid that prevents the contents from escaping. The outer container can hold one larger sample an is held together by a simple locking mechanism. In total there can be fourteen objects in the NTC when it is in its nested form and fifteen when separated. The NTC can be used for taking samples on a foreign surface such as Mars, as a toolbox for basic repairs, or as any type of storage needed by an astronaut. The scale of the design would be 1.0 mm=0.50 cm which would make the part big enough to hold most tools and rock samples, but small enough to be held or stored with ease. The NTC is a practical and efficient container that would benefit space exploration in both the present and the future.

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