(The red regions signify places with Velcro) The MPC (Multi-Purpose Container) is designed to be versatile for astronauts working both in and outside of a spacecraft. For work inside, the internal walls of the container and its cap are threaded to allow the user to keep items in the canister and control the amount of volume available. In addition, with the various Velcro attachment points and swappable cap cover, the MPC can be made suitable for many science experiments. The astronaut using the container can keep the cover off for temporary storage, keep it on to hold components, use plexiglass to observe living test subjects, or attach variants of the standard cover (a tube adapter, a camera mount, etc.) for other situations. As for EVA use, the tether loop included on the canister allows the MPC to be attached to spacesuits for storing surface samples or holding certain items. Overall, the MPC has the potential to be very useful for astronauts both now and in the future.

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