Space Capsule

The Space Capsule has a sleek and futuristic design that can be used for a variety of spacecraft storage uses. The double sided caps are easy to remove and twist off with the 6 grips/imprints included on the caps. The screw on top creates an air tight seal which expands its number of uses even more, and with over 2000 cubic centimeters of storage, the possibilities become infinite! The double caps allows for easy access to both sides of the container so no digging is required to retrieve objects in the capsule: just open the other side. Need to toss the container to another crew member? : its cylindric design makes it easy to throw to other people in the zero-gravity of space. With no sharp or pointy corners on normal containers, the Space Capsule is safer and easier to grab with the grips included on the main part of the capsule. The only question left unanswered is: why print just one when you can print 2,5 or even 10?

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