Cookie Dispenser

I don’t know about you but sometimes at the end of the day, a cookie is a great way to end the day. Astronauts must leave their family and friends for days, weeks or months and must be lonely at times, despite having one of the most exciting jobs in the Universe! That is why I designed the Cookies in Space Dispenser. Astronauts can keep their cookies secure and fresh while they travel in space and can easily dispense cookies when they crave the ultimate comfort food; cookies. My design has 5 legs; 4 on the outside and 1 in the center. The 1 in the center is longer and has a strong magnet inside so it can stick to the wall. The other four legs don't have magnets in them. Above the leg in the center is a tube that holds stacked cookies. When an astronaut wants a cookie, all he or she has to do is take the cover off, grab the tube with their other hand and slide it down in until the cookie comes out. Next, the cover needs to be put back on. Finally, they are ready to eat and enjoy!

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