Fly Feeder 7.0

Designed for fruit flies in a zero-gravity environment, the Fly Feeder 7.0 is easy to assemble. Simply slide the blue mesh into the green tray and the green tray into the grey box. Insert the yellow lid into the slot below the gray box and the red lid into grey slot as pictured. Finally, cover the top with plexiglass up to the black line so Astronauts can observe the flies. The fruit flies' food goes in the green tray under the blue mesh. The mesh keeps the food in place while still letting the fruit flies land in between the bars to eat and lay eggs. To allow Astronauts to separate generations, refill food, and clean the container, the food tray is removable. To remove simply slide up the red lid pullout the food tray with the eggs and larvae in it and cover the food tray with the lid stored under the box. Small holes are poked in the side of the box for air. Velcro can be attached to any side off the container to anchor it down. I hope this container will help advance space travel.

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