The Trash Tube

The Trash Tube is a compact container with the ability to seal small objects, primarily trash, inside of its main body. This container is easy to assemble, use, and carry. To assemble it, one simply snaps the three pieces together. Additionally, the main body can easily be removed to dump the trash into a larger container. To use the Trash Tube, an astronaut simply inserts trash into the opening and twists the central piece 180 degrees, and the Trash Tube securely locks the trash in, ready for the next load. A clip on its side allows the Trash Tube to be secured to an astronaut’s clothing, giving them easy access to it wherever they go, and the textured surface allows for an improved grip. While it is designed mainly for trash, the Trash Tube can be used in a pinch to store almost anything - provided, of course, that it fits!

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