The Plant Pod

The Plant Pod is a container that is used for germination of various species of plants in space. The Pod has a simple assembly of 3D printed parts, including 2 pieces of plexiglass as windows on each side of the container. A major feature for this design is the watering system. I designed the base with a 4mm hole that would fit a syringe for watering. This system accurately measures the amount of water given to the plant. When finished watering, the syringe hole can be sealed with a piece of Velcro. The watering system is arced on the inside of the container, creating loops, giving the plant roots something to anchor too. The top assembly includes two 5mm holes for structural supports that also enable UV and RGB LED’s to be added to the top of the container. This allows a measured amount of light to be exposed to the plant. My design also allows a plant safe cloth to be added between the base and top assembly to keep soil particles from floating away as well as keeping the soil moist.

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