Loving Fresh

This container, “Loving Fresh”, is an object made to hold the everyday meals of the astronauts. The object is double- walled so that the container is durable. It is divided into two sections. The left side of it has a box underneath that contains a refrigerating system, which can be a frozen ice cube, that allows food to be stored fresh. This is meant to let the astronauts eat fruits and vegetables for a longer period of time when they are up in space. The rings are adjustable in size, so it can hold bananas and apples still. On the right side, the pentagonal pack holds liquid that people can drink out of with a straw. The pack attaches to the wall like a magnet. The straw has a circular lid to prevent from letting liquid escape from the container. Also, the three clips hold any tightly packaged food that astronauts eat. Finally, the lid of the object is magnetic so it attaches to the container, leaving no space in between.

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Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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