Cables and Utility

This may seem like an ordinary container, however if used properly it can be extraordinary. The basic function is to hold wires, tethers and any other cable that may be needed. However this container does have other uses too, the inner tube is to be lined with Velcro and can hold many small objects from spare parts to trinkets. (It can even hold other containers too!) The top and bottom of the lid are also to be lined with Velcro, so that in case of a damaged ship, an end can be "Velcro-ed" to the ship and the other side can hold tools, now tools won't frustratingly float around while an astronaut attempts to fix the ship. For storage just coil the desired cable to match the loop size and Zip-Tie/Velcro it together (so it won't drift away) then push the lid down until snapped shut.

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