Space Terrarium v.4

I created a terrarium that work in zero-gravity conditions. How it works is you pour water into in to the box on the top of the terrarium. Then you take the plunger and, slowly and gently, push the water down the tube into the half dome. It is shaped as a half dome due to the tendency of water molecules to stick together and form a sphere. After that you would take the plunger, which could have an air tight seal, and push the air into the dome. That would force the water into the holes in the sphere and into the dirt surrounding the dome. The terrarium would have Velcro on the outside edges so you could Velcro Plexiglas windows to it. There is also a tray with eight holes in it that keep the dirt where it is but allows the plants to grow. It is also able to slide up and down on the tube that brings the water to the sphere, it rests on small edges. The red sections represent Velcro and would screen off the plants from the exterior of the terrarium.

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