Honeycomb Cell

The space container in this design is a multiuse hexagonal “cell”. The shape allows it to be arranged in a honeycomb fashion and when Velcro is attached to the bottoms of each cell a large yet compact system can be created. The cells can be used for studying insects and bacteria as well as for storage. Each side and the lid have parts that may be removed and fiberglass can be inserted or a connection to another cell may be established. The ability to create systems is especially useful for studying how insects navigate in space or how different groups interact with each other (such as how diseases are passed along). The removable lid allows for insertion and removal of objects such as food for the insects, or other objects that may be stored in the cells such as asteroid fragments. The simplicity of the design and its easy modifications (such as changing the existence or shape of the “doorways”) and the complexity of its uses allows for the versatile utilization of the space container.

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Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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