My design is for a living container to perform experiments with living organisms in space. My idea came through my play with building blocks that interlock and can create bigger structures (Fig 1). My 3D file has three basic components: (1) base & (2) walls (Fig 2). The top cover has a small knob and opens as a cabinet door moving around two hinges. We will need a small piece of plexiglass to be cut and fitted within the opening of the top cover. This will make the container transparent from the top (Fig 3). If a bigger container is needed then two or more prints can be made and the base structures can be interlocked together to form a bigger container (Fig 4). Special grooves exist on walls and base. A sealant can be used to prevent liquids from moving between compartments or leaking outside the container (Fig 5). The container can be held in place by use of velcro at the bottom of the base. Referenced Figures are shown in my Image file.

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