The "Space" Saver

This is a space-saving design, as the container can be opened up into four containers, while only taking the space of one container space when folded. The base shape is a square, but the individual boxes can be rearranged as needed for space requirements. I gained inspiration from the famed Haberdasher puzzle, in which parts of an equilateral triangle can be rearranged to form a square. The containers come with lids, and a vast amount of customization is possible. This multipurpose container can be used for a variety of things – astronauts can store objects, perform studies on plants (use it as a planter) or perhaps even an animal study chamber (if parts are printed with clear material). In the future, an identical model could be used for structures on other planets. For example, the rooms can have solar panels on one wall exposed during the day, while other walls with dustproof, insulating material can be exposed during the nights to save heat and protect the astronauts.

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