Handrail Clamp Box

The Handrail Clamp Box is designed to be a quick and versatile Space Container. To place an object in the box, an astronaut simply must push the object through the top layer of flaps. The flaps are very thin layers of plastic which are flexible enough to allow objects in, but not out. To remove the object from the box, an astronaut just has to pull the friction fit bottom slide open and remove the object. To make the Space Container more versatile, track studs were added to the back of the box. This way the Handrail Clamp Box can be attached to the ISS's handrail clamps (https://grabcad.com/challenges/nasa-handrail-clamp-assembly-challenge). The box has three studs so that the box can be attached either vertically or horizontally. To attach the box to the handrail clamps, an astronaut would simply have to align the studs with the track and slide the box along the track. The box's studs are designed to friction fit (pinch) on the track once the box has been slid along the track.

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