Spill-Proof Silo

I have come up with an innovative solid cylindrical container which is easy for astronauts to handle with huge gloves. This spill-proof container has five holes to collect small space items. I added a lid with a hole on top to prevent objects from spilling out of the container in zero gravity.One of the unique aspects of this model is that it not only satisfies the junior engineers guidelines but also the teen engineers guidelines; therefore it can be 3-D printed in space. Another is that the cap and the container are 3-D printable in one STL file and they will snap together if the lid is pressed on the container. To get items out of the container, you must first rotate the lid to any hole and hold the container in your palm, lid down; then tap on the bottom of the container. The lid can also be rotated to a position where nothing will spill out.

Download model

Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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