The Shockwave

Gravity. It is something we take for granted on Earth, and is something the astronauts on the ISS cannot use during every day tasks, such as grabbing small objects out of a container. The Shockwave is designed with zero-G in mind, and truly is a state-of-the-art small parts container. What you might notice is the Shockwave has two openings on either side. This is where the "shockwave" name comes from. The ISS is pressurized with oxygen and other gasses, allowing both sound (i.e. pressure) waves to travel. This allows the Shockwave container to do its magic, removing the need for the difficult grabbing of small floating objects. To retrieve an object from the Shockwave, a slight tap on the back opening will cause an increase of pressure inside the container, which in turn pushes the contents (M&Ms, pills, nuts) out the other opening, into the palm of an astronaut. The Shockwave is a truly revolutionary space container, and will significantly improve the lives of astronauts on the ISS.

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