Expandable Container

This telescoping container was designed for applications which require it to be stored small but expand to accommodate greater storage volume when in use. Potential uses include items which become necessary to store only after the spacecraft has launched, such as the storage of trash, or lunar materials. The structure expands from 6 cm when assembled to 13.4 cm in length (upper image). It prints in five parts: three telescoping sections, a large “snap-fit” lid, and a twist-to-lock hatch. The snap fit lid is for inserting large objects, while the twist-to-lock hatch keeps the contents from floating away as easily when opened in zero gravity. All the telescoping sections lock together, ensuring that the assembly stays together. The parts are print in place, and obey the 45 degree angle rule as well as all other regulations involving slip and snap fit components. No support is required, and all the parts fit neatly in the 5 x 5 x 10 cm build volume (lower image).

Download model

Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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