The Drink Divider

The Drink Divider is an easy way to contain astronaut’s dehydrated powdered drinks. In space astronauts make drinks from dehydrated powders stored in plastic baggies and kept in a drawer. So I designed a container to store their drinks more efficiently. My container has three dividers to hold the individual packs of powders in each section. This will allow the astronauts to store up to four different flavors as the lid rotates to each separate divider slot. There should be Velcro strips placed on the top of the lid and the top of the peg. I designed the peg to fit snug in the hole of the lid so that the powder won’t float away. Velcro should also be placed on the side and bottom of the container itself to attach the lid when refilling powders and to secure it onto a shelf when not in use. With The Drink Divider astronauts will be able to quickly and easily pour any drink flavor they like into water and enjoy a drink several times a day. Thank you!

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