The Chesstube

You’re an astronaut. You’re tired after spending hours on the ISS analyzing outer space samples — your 10mm cuvettes, secured in individual test tube holders, are lined up neatly on this rearrangeable rack as the machines whir in the background. It is time for a break! Astronauts need to stay healthy psychologically — work hard, play harder. So, you store away your samples and flip over the black and white pieces: your king and queen and their servants locked in formation, ready to battle at your command. Not into chess? How about a game of Connect Four? Just snap your stack of unused pieces under the board, and if you lose them, well, that’s what 3D printers are for! Once you’re done having fun, you pull apart the board (the two halves of a box Velcro-ed along the sides), and, with the interlocked game pieces sandwiched in between, snap the container together and stick the whole assembly onto the wall, where it waits until the next time you need a test tube rack or a game of chess.

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