Store-All Container

This container is designed to be as multi-functional as possible while remaining compact. The container has a main chamber and a cap which lock together using pins and holes that can easily be manipulated in a zero-g environment. The container can be closed in two different ways; using the standard cap, or by using a second [inverted] container as a top, doubling the storage capacity. The container has two slots (tail sockets) and two protrusions (tails) on the main chamber which can be slid together forming a dovetail joint, allowing the user to interlock many containers together for added modularity, thus aiding in keeping the containers and their contents organized. When multiple rows of containers are combined, their truncated corners form channels through the middle of each set of four containers, allowing a provision for the user to implement a form of climate-control. These could be also used to attach multiple layers of containers to each other using materials such as string.

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