The NetBox

My design could be called a regular toolbox, although my design can open like a net for a geometric shape. In geometry, we learn the nets for cylinders, cubes, prisms and much more. I used the idea of making a net of a rectangular prism, and on each surface, when spread out like a net, astronauts will be able to place tools in compartments on each surface. If you look at the design, you can see the smooth surfaces, the fillet. The fillet is where the toolbox can open. The locks are Velcro. To open the box, simply pull all Velcro off, and 4 sides will come down. To completely open the box, pull the top part and set it down. Put anything you want, and just close the top part and Velcro the sides. Now, we have a compact place for tools using my knowledge from Geometry.

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