The Personal Storage Container for Astronauts (PSCA) is a container designed to comfort Astronauts on their journeys in orbit and beyond. It is difficult for astronauts to leave their families, which can lead to depression and other psycological effects. Due to the fact that astronauts are essential to the success of a mission, they are allowed to bring items up to space to help them stay connected with their families back on Earth. The PSCA allows these items to be stored in an organized fasion where they can easily be seen and accessed. The curved nature of the mesh is not only for elegance, but also prevents geometric objects from escaping. The overall shape of the PSCA maximizes the storage volume. Astronauts can insert pictures of their families, coins, and other various objects and use velcro to attach the box to a wall such as in the living quarters. The PSCA can also be used for other purposes, such as storing tools or dispensing hand wipes through the slots in the lid.

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