The Ecosys-Tainer is a great way to examine plants and insects in their very own ecosystem. The cylindrical insect containers are connected to a parabolic-shaped container for plants. The specific coloration of the design is translucent to allow scientific research within the ISS. To refill the insect containers, just screw off the cap and add. The plant container's lid is at the bottom, just unscrew it to refill the nutrient "jelly" that is commonly used as an alternative to soil in the ISS. The oxygen cycle is still taking place in the container, which makes it even more an ecosystem. CO2 that is produced by insects allows the plant to create oxygen for the insects. Last but not not least, if there is not sufficient lighting in the ISS for the plant, you can install a light-bulb in its designated area, located at the peak of the parabolic-shaped container.

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