Microgravity Cup

A simple action such as drinking from a cup can be very complicated in space. Luckily, my design is an attempt to solve this problem. The secret lies in the movable platform. Without it, the liquid would simply float around in the cup. By pushing the platform down, you decrease the space available for the liquid, so you can easily drink up! As you drink, you simply push the platform down a bit more until you run out of your beverage. This design is useful because it makes it easy to combine many liquids together or create a beverage solution from a powder and water. The plastic cork allows for easy filling of the cup, and the lid and platform can be easily removed for cleaning. However, the lid, straw, cork, and platform have been designed to fit tightly on the main container. In the future, a design that utilizes pressure differences between the beverage cavity and the space station environment could be implemented so that the platform moves itself. Some assembly required.

Download model

Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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